[03] Bionicle: Beware the Swarm (BBTS)

When legends were young, one word was never spoken, for fear that the legend was true. That word was "Bohrok". Hidden in their cocoons, they have slumbered for eons, but now, in the moment of the Toa's triumph over Makuta's dark rule, they have awakened. Their six breeds emerge in enormous swarms all over Mata Nui, following but one mission: To clean it all, for it must be cleaned. With their sheer numbers and the unique powers of each breed, they crumble mountains to dust, level jungles, and unleash floodwaters, and they will not stop until the surface is reduced to a barren wasteland. To prevent this fate, the Toa must once more join the fight. The key to stopping the invasion is to hunt down the Krana guiding the Bohrok from behind their faceplates, which will make it possible to reach and defeat the twin queens who rule over the swarms. But the road is a though one, and time is limited as the Bohrok continue to destroy the island. In this desperate situation, one warning rings true to Matoran, Toa, and Rahi alike: Beware the Swarm.

Representing the ever-popular 2002 storyline, BBTS introduces the many aspects of the Bohrok swarms, along with accounts of the fierce battles the Matoran and Toa waged against their invasion.


Three expansions in, I feel like I finally got the hang of things. This was where I started posting gradual updates online, which probably helped a lot since it forced me to segment the many cards into reasonably-sized chunks and to reevaluate previous design decisions on a regular basis. And this way I could also incorporate some feedback along the way to help refine things even more.

As of the time of this writing, the only need for updates I see here are the cards related to Matoran and Toa (due to the changes in BCOT).

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