[02] Bionicle: Challenge of the Rahi (BCOR)

The vast landscapes of Mata Nui are home to all kinds of creatures, called "Rahi" by the Matoran. Some are dangerous beasts, some have been domesticated to play important roles in the villagers' lives, and some freely roam the wilderness without ever coming in contact with civilization. But with their minds placed under the control of Makuta's infected masks, any and all Rahi become servants of evil that terrorize the island, standing in the way of the Toa's quest to defeat the master of shadows. Be it the terrifying jaws of Muaka and Kane-Ra, the striking blows of Tarakava, the fierce stingers of Nui-Jaga and Nui-Rama, or the mighty claws of the Manas - to save Mata Nui, one must first face the Challenge of the Rahi.

In this expansion, we explore the wildlife of Mata Nui and essentially cover the parts of 2001 that were missing in BCOT. This includes a plethora of Rahi, but also the Makuta himself and some more prominent Matoran outside the Chronicler’s Company.


I was a bit more competent by the time of the second expansion, so it’s not quite as outdated as the original BCOT was. However, I never really finished this into a state I’m quite happy with, and looking back it’s probably because my design approach didn’t take into account the sheer amount of cards there would be in the Rahi archetype. Also, with the BCOT updates, the Matoran could use some tweaks to make them fit into the respective village’s strategy better.

Could use, and will probably get, a bit of an update at some point.

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Version 3.20.4 – “The Matoran Update” (Download)

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