What is this?
A personal project to make custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards representing every aspect of Bionicle lore with a high level of detail and implement them in the YGOPro simulator (or whatever name its currently most widespread version goes by).
Obligatory disclaimer: I (obviously) do not own or am otherwise affiliated with Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bionicle, or YGOPro. This is merely a fan project that happens to involve all of them.

Why is this?
At some point in 2014, I got hit by a little nostalgia overload as I more or less simultaneously discovered the existence of a free Yugioh simulator and learned that Bionicle was about to get rebooted. Then I figured out how easy it was to add new cards to the program, an idea was born based on the shoddily made Bionicle Yugioh cards that had been dwelling in the depths of my desk drawer for years, things spiraled a little out of control, and now here I am with hundreds of cards and a website.
The main reason it turned into all this is because I find the process of making the cards extremely fun and relaxing, so it’s really more of a hobby than a project at this point. Even publishing them at all is mostly a little trick to make sure I actually have some milestones that keep me from running in circles over minor design decisions, but if anyone who happens to find it enjoys my work and/or leaves some useful feedback that’s also a much appreciated side effect.

Where is this?
The idea of this website is to provide all necessary information about the project and its continuous updates in one place, so the answer to this question should just be “here”, and anything I post elsewhere should just be a link to here.
That’s not the entire truth, though, because there are still some external platforms a simple WordPress site can’t quite replace:

When is this?
Whenever I get a good batch of cards done, which tends to be whenever I feel like it. I try to keep a stable pace of having some kind of update ready every other month, but given the hobby nature of this project that only holds until too many more urgent things come up (or I’m just not in the mood to do anything, but that hasn’t really happened so far).

Who is this?
As a purely personal project, the credits look something like this:

  • Card design: Me
  • Card “art”: Me
  • Card scripts: Me
  • Deck building: Me
  • Testing: Me (with occasional help)
  • Release management: Me
  • Video editing: Me
  • Webmaster: Me

Not very interesting, is it?

How is this?
Fine, thank you.