Release: Unbreakable Ko-Koro

Back to our regularly scheduled trip around the island of Mata Nui, we now arrive in the snowy realm of Ko-Wahi and enter the Village of Ice. However, unlike the previous updates of this sort, this is a BYE release rather than a BCOT release, which means all the Rahi and Bohrok cards are in the package as well! (I didn’t change them since the previous version, but they’re there)

Download for EDOPro

As for what I did change with this version, well first of all you can just check the overview right above. For more detailed information and design notes on the new Ko-Koro cards, I refer you to the Theme Guide, and the other update I’ll go over briefly right here.

C.C. Matoran Maku got the change I talked about a few months ago, with her handtrap effect to make a monster unaffected by effects for the duration of a Chain getting moved to the field so it aligns better with observed Warrior design conventions. In exchange, it’s a bit easier to get her on the field now, since she can be Special Summoned from the hand as well if your opponent activates an effect in the wrong column.

That concludes the summary for this release, thanks for reading! If you have anything to say about these updates, simply leave a comment below.

Just one village left now …

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