The Spam Gallery – Vol II

It is always nice to see the content I upload getting some comments. It’s not so nice to see that literally 100% of them (at least on this site) have been obvious spam, now clocking in at another nice round mark of 30. Maybe I should do something about that after all. Anyway, for now, let’s take another fun trip into The Spam Zone.

(General Disclaimer: Don’t go to any links you see in the following images, they’re probably evil scam pages that will mine Bitcoins in your browser and eat your cat)

First up we have a very subtle advertisement of a certain type of content (with wrong tags, once again), and an equally subtle call for help.

If these short and to-the-point comments aren’t enough entertainment for you, then no need to worry, for two members of the Scato collective have once more shown themselves to ramble about …something.

Somehow only Vanessa can into URLs.

Other highlights include this person(?) who just went “hey, oil” without any fanfare:

This one who knows how to get rich (obviously legit):

And this one who thinks I already am rich enough to be interested in renting a private jet:

Finally, we have a special feature of this particular spam gallery, and that is that there’s actual a common source to a large part of it. All comments from there are compiled in the gallery below, so we don’t have to make this post even more longer than it deserves to be.

And that’s all for Vol II of the spam gallery! I honestly don’t really want to make another one of these, so for now I’ve enabled the Friendly Captcha plugin, because it’s the one Captcha I could find that doesn’t need cookies (and thus I don’t even technically need to bother with a cookie notice). If it works as intended, you shouldn’t notice it’s there unless you’re a spambot (lmao nevermind I just forgot to turn it on), so please do consider leaving a legitimate comment somewhere! One of the reasons I even bother publishing my stuff is so I can get feedback and criticism from the public, but somehow the public seems hesitant to provide that. Odd.

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