The 2023 Roadmap

The good news: Regular updates will continue in this coming year. The bad news: I’m extending the standard interval from 2 months to 4. While last year’s schedule mostly worked out, it also kept me pretty damn busy, so between IRL commitments and the desire for some general technical updates on stuff like the site or my development tools, I feel a need to dial it back a bit and leave more time for other things.

With that, here’s the plan:

  • April 2023: Bohrok-Kal (1st Wave)
  • August 2023: Toa Nuva (2nd Wave)
  • December 2023: Bohrok-Kal (2nd Wave)

In other words, by the time the year is over, the cast of the Nuva vs Kal conflict should be fully gathered, and all that will be left for 2024 is the fabled Rahi update and the obligatory lore cards.

Happy new year!

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