They banned Isolde

Those bastards.

Anyway, “ban list reaction” is a new genre of post here, but I thought I’d make one just this once since that card has been a key component of most of our Warrior-centric, Kanohi-equipping decks through BCOT and BPEV. Long story short, Kanohi builds are dead until further notice because Equip Spells suck too much to be worth using in significant quantities without that bandaid. I was hoping it’d continue dodging the list, considering it wasn’t really dominating the meta because – again – Equip Spells suck, but I guess the amount of combo nonsense it technically enables finally got on people’s nerves enough. I get it.

One side task for 2024 is now going to be re-updating the Koro, Toa, etc decks to work in a different way without Isolde, and I’m honestly kind of looking forward to that. Having to build everything around that one card was getting a bit annoying, especially since it being a LIGHT Warrior screwed up the entire Koro Attribute theming. Now that it’s officially gone, the combo crafters’ cabal of the TCG might come up with some new ideas to make Warriors work smoothly, and maybe those can be integrated. We’ll see.

For what it’s worth, the currently in-development Toa Nuva are probably not that impacted by this change, as they can still trigger their Kanohi GY effects with the discards of their own searches (the way it’s actually meant to happen). I even have a build on the back burner that’s meant to run without any Warrior combos, will be showing that one off at some point.

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